Annual General Meeting (AGM)
 April 11, 2017  at  6:45pm
 Strathcona Gardens, Pinecrest Room

CRSC Notice of Mtg - AGM.pdf

4 Agenda AGM 2017.pdf

5 AGM minutes April 2016.pdf 

AGM minutes April 11 2017.pdf

6 2016-2017 Statement of Incomes and Expenses.pdf

2017-2018 CRSC Budget.pdf

2018-2019 CRSC Budget.pdf

7 1 President-Vice President Report 2016-17 Season.pdf

7 2 a Fundraising Report.pdf

7 2 b Publicity Report.pdf

7 2 c Registrar Report.pdf

7 2 c Registration stats.pdf

7 2 d Star Rep.pdf

7 2 e Senior Rep Report.pdf

7 2 f CanPower Rep Report.pdf  /  Gala 2017 Report.pdf

7 3 a Head Coach Report.pdf

7 3 b Off Ice Freelance Coach Report.pdf

7 3 c CanSkate Coach.pdf

9 2017-2018 CRSC Officers and Directors.pdf

CRSC Bylaws.pdf  (dated April 14, 2015)

Changes to the Society Act will have a direct impact on our bylaws.  Our BC/YK Section is working with lawyers to come out with a template for all section clubs to use that incorporates the Society Act changes that are relevant to us.  A special meeting will be held for our membership to approve them at the local level.  Anticipate template being available later in the year.


Thank you to the Province of BC for funding assistance.