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As there was no quorum for the August meeting the minutes from the June meeting and August's Finance Report will need to be approved at this meeting.
If anyone has any questions please feel free to seek clarification by emailing the Club email address at


Agenda  - Agenda September 27 2016.docx

September Minutes  - Minutes September 27 2016.docx

Will need to review the June and August meeting links in order to review those minutes.

Correspondence Report  -  Correspondence Report September 27 2016.docx
                                                      Parking School District 72.pdf

Finance Report  - Finance Report Sept 27 2016.docx

GAMING_BC Reponse.pdf

Gift Cert to the Bowles.pdf

laptop discussion.pdf

The following Beanstream reports will be important at the end of the season when discussing the viability
of continuing with online payments or not.

Beanstream Aug Account Summary Statement.pdf

Beanstream Aug Summary Report.pdf

Beanstream Sept Account Summary Statement.pdf

Beanstream Sept Summary Report.pdf

President and Vice President's Report  - President and Vice President's Report Sept 27 2016.docx

Strategic Planning Session Survey Results.pdf

Skate Canada Guideline for Incident Reports.pdf

Safety Process-Policy.pdf


CRSC Thin Ice September 2016.pdf

Registrar’s report - Sept 2016.pdf

       2016-09-25 - Revenue Summary Report.pdf

       2016-09-25 - Payments - Invoice Summaries.pdf

Fundraising Update Sept 2016 mtg.pdf

Test Chair.docx

Coach's Report (Rae Anne) - Coaches (Hesketh) Report for September 27 2016.docx

Coach's Report (Keri) - Keri Report.docx

2016/2017 Priorities - meeting will be held in the next couple of weeks to start the discussion on item 1.  Open to anyone interested in participating.

  1. Internal Communication Policy
  2. Mission, Vision, Values               Visionary (community)               Missionary               Values (how)
  3. Conflict Resolution Policy and Procedures
  4. Coach Management System

List of Club Policies - Policy Index.pdf

_CRSC Policy & Procedures Manual.docx

Thank you to the Province of BC for funding assistance.